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Testimonial of Mr. Sami Farah, about his experience with Beeco Team and Widex Moment hearing aids

Review of Mr Roger Mourad - 08/08/2023

Amazing Customer Service, and follow up. They give the patient all the time he needs to get the best result. 

Review of Mr. Ihab Zeitouni - 2/3/2022

"Thank you for your care and professionalism. Amazing service and premium products. Highly recommended."

Review of Mr Mohammad Masri - 23/05/2022

"So I came here because I’ve been having trouble hearing properly for a while. Every step from getting my ears tested to fitting hearing aids was simply perfect. I tend to be a difficult customer and not very easy to deal with because of my indecisiveness and needing to know everything but they were very professional, caring, understanding and had no issue helping me in every way possible. They answered all of my many many questions in a simple yet very informative way and in the end helped me pick out the perfect hearing aid for my situation. it’s safe to say that I would without a doubt come here for everything related to my hearing. They really made this a wonderful experience for me and I’m very satisfied. I would 100% recommended this establishment."

Review of Mrs. Racile Semaan - 13/6/2022

“Just want to thank everyone at Beeco Center for being so kind, friendly and so professional. They made our experience so easy! Highly recommended!!”

Review of Mr. Marwan Abou Khalil - 14/6/2022

"Excellent service, welcoming, professional staff.  Positive attitude, explicit and always smiling.   They give the patient all the time he needs to get the best result".

Review of Mr. Joseph Raffoul - 28/7/2022

"I want to thank you for maintaining continuously your high level performance. This morning i was welcomed by a respectful heartily smile and words, your team attended immediately my request, they have directly made the adequate repairs with courteous behavior. Thanks again and best regards."

Review of Mr. Roy Gemayel - 16/09/2022

Very Professional!

They have the best customer service, and the follow-up was equally fantastic. They cannot be compared to their competitors in the Lebanese market.

They are knowledgeable of their products and know how to get the most out of them.

We were fortunate to have Hanady's help; she was fantastic, professional, and never stopped refining until we achieved the greatest outcome.

Review of Mr Marwan Alawieh - 22/02/2022

"I usually never write reviews, but I couldn't hold my experience against sharing with relevant seekers for similar products. I had ear plugs to protect my ears from water. Purchasing just a non-medical product did not avoid Beeco team from treating me with full privacy and care. The entire team is very gentle and welcoming, and the technical staff are perfectly proficient and professional. The plugs were customized to the shape of my ears to fit snuggly and serve its purpose, and are made from a silicone type that i gentle and does not cause any irritation. I am very pleased with the results, and would recommend Beeco to anyone looking forward to order ear plugs."

Review of Mr Omar Balquis - 27/1/2022

"Providing the best quality hearing aid with superior customization through an exceptional team of professionals. Not to forget to mention the friendly and kind greetings in the offices."

Review of Mr Ali Bahsoun - 11/12/2021

"I don't normally tend to write reviews, but I have to say that the experience with this center wasn't something I want to ignore or wouldn't want to share with people who are concerned in approaching such services. They're so welcoming and warm, providing just the right advice for the medical case or deficiency the patient is seeking to have without being very commercial and sales-oriented like other centers. The follow up is as professional as the diagnosis and they seem to be more caring rather than instructional. Last but not least, they have those pleasant gestures and maintain great communication on the long term. Highly recommended."

Review of Mrs. Leila Chehade - 8/12/2021

"It was a very nice and successful experience, widex hearing aids changed my life , I’m able to hear well , overall they have a perfect after sale service, I recommend."