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About Us

About Us

Hanady Mounzer

Hearing Aids Specialist

Hanady joined Beeco Hearing Center as a Hearing Instrument Specialist at 2011. She obtained her BA and Master’s Degree in Biochemistry from the Lebanese University.

She earned a certificate in Hearing Health Sciences from the International Hearing Society and attended several Medical Audiology Courses in the American University of Beirut. Hanady is very proud to receive most of her referrals from satisfied patients, she has helped our patients and their families to improve their quality of life through better communication.

Hanady is also responsible for the supervision and quality control of Beeco products and services. She coordinates with all branch offices and ensures all our patients are getting the best hearing experience.

Safaa Bou Nassereddine

Hearing Aids Specialist

Upon obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Lebanese University, Safaa joined BEECO Hearing Center in 2011 as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. 

She earned a certification in Hearing Health Sciences from the International Hearing Society and attended several Medical Audiology Courses at the American University of Beirut. Safaa has exceptional communication skills and is very passionate about providing our patients with the best solutions that fit their lifestyle perfectly.

Safaa’s skills do not stop there, she has outstanding knowledge in sales and marketing strategies and possesses strong and dynamic negotiation skills. She is responsible of Beeco hearing center in Baaklin - Chouf area. 

Zeinab Fayad


Zeinab attained her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Audiology Sciences program and a Minor in Public Health from the American University of Beirut, after which she has joined Beeco in 2019. She was among the very first, exclusive batches to graduate with an official degree in audiology in Lebanon and the Arab region. 

She obtained a certificate of completion of Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program. She also received a certificate of completion of Interactive Newborn Hearing Screening Training Curriculum and completed clinical practice in the vestibular field at the first prominent balance center in Lebanon. 

With all her clinical skills and practice, Zeinab is certainly capable of delivering the optimal hearing services and solutions to meet our patients’ needs. She makes sure every client receives sufficient care and help to improve their life. 


Haitham Kobeissi

Laboratory Technician

Haitham has been working at Beeco Hearing Center for more than 15 years. He received three certifications from the Widex Academy in Denmark in hearing aid manufacturing and repair.

His broad experience includes mastering the manufacturing of all types of ear molds and custom made shells for old and current hearing instruments.

He is qualified in servicing all types of hearing aids. He can effectively recognize and repair most problems regarding hearing aid malfunction.

Ahmad Alameddine

Laboratory Technician

Ahmad has been working at Beeco Hearing Center for more than 10 years as a hearing instrument technician. He has a background in General Mechanics and Repair and has extensive experience in all ear mold styles.

Mastering custom molded ear plugs that are very effective for water protection and extremely comfortable to use, Ahmad also provides the best solutions for patients encountering problems or discomfort.