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Audiological Tests

None of these tests are painful but they do give us a fuller picture of what is going on.


We perform the audiogram which involves placing a set of headphones on and testing each ear separately. We are looking to establish the threshold of your hearing at a number of different pitches. Your job is to indicate when you hear a tone being presented. With this information we can plot your hearing onto a graph, called an audiogram.


This test involves the insertion of a soft plug into the canal to determine the pressure in your middle ear and make sure it is working correctly.

Speech Discrimination

We perform this test to establish the well-being of your brain in processing the sounds of speech. We test each ear separately and at different volumes. Words are played to you through headphones and you are asked to repeat what you have heard after each word.


Sound field Audiometry

Sound field evaluation involves obtaining the hearing thresholds for the patient’s aided hearing. The sounds are presented through a speaker instead of the headphones and the softest sound you can hear with your hearing aid is recorded.

Play Audiometry

Play Audiometry is a fun and interactive method of testing your child’s hearing through the use of toys and games. During the process, a series of varied tones and noises are played via earphones, with the child asked to perform a small task each time he hears a sound. These results are plotted on an audiogram to determine the child’s hearing threshold.

Otoacoustic Emission (OAE)

OAEs are sounds given off by the inner ear when the cochlea is stimulated by a sound. This sound can be measured with a small probe inserted into the ear canal. This test comes in handy to screen hearing infants, neonates and people with development disabilities. 

Free Consultation

After the patient’s engagement with the tests, Beeco hearing center provides all its customers with free consultation in order to identify the hearing difficulties.

The consultation is performed by a licensed professional certified to recommend the necessary solution for the hearing problem.

Additionally, our wide range of hearing aids is dedicated to eradicate all kinds of issues with style, comfort, reliability and above all, efficiency. 

Maintenance & Repair

At Beeco, we make sure your hearing aid gets the best professional attention possible. Our staff is well trained and each member is professional is his field. Our fully equipped state-of-the-art maintenance and repair lab, and professional specialists are ready to solve and advise on any hearing aid product or matter. 

If your hearing aid is not functioning as it should, contact us for a necessary instrument checkup.