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All hearing aids consist of the four basic components: a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver (which is essentially a speaker) and a battery. 

The hearing aid picks up sound through its microphone, which converts the sound into electrical impulses before being send to the amplifier.

The amplifier then increases the power of these signals and passes them through the receiver to your ear.

But not all hearing aids offer the same listening experience and comfort. Modern hearing aids have a computer chip, which is programmed by the hearing care professional to fit your needs.

The most sophisticated hearing aids combine complicated technical processes to create an intelligent solution, which can be programmed individually - and which is able to adapt to various environments.

This way, hearing aids can deliver a natural, pure and personal sound. They even make high-frequency sounds, such as children’s voices and birdsong, audible again. These are some of the sounds people with hearing loss will miss out on first.

Sophisticated hearing aids can also reduce unwanted sounds and focus on the important ones, even soft sounds in noisy environments.